Schools to be given emergency preparedness bags

Schools to be given emergency preparedness bags

More than 100 Singapore primary and secondary schools will soon get basic survival kits in an initiative to improve community preparedness for mass emergencies.

The initiative was announced by Singapore’s Home Affairs Parliamentary Secretary, Amrin Amin, at the Red Cross First Aid Fiesta, held over the weekend.

The emergency preparedness bags, which will be distributed by the Red Cross, include a First-Aid kit, water bottle, batteries and a guidebook on how to tailor the bags to fit each family’s needs.

Amin said first-aid skills are critical, especially in the face of heightened terrorism threats.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Amrin said the youth volunteers are vital “opinion multipliers” in sharing first-aid knowledge, in line with the national goal of having a first aider in every home.

“Singapore is a prized target. We are open about it. We might as well be ahead of the curve and be prepared,” Amrin said.

“We don't want to be caught off-guard.”

Amrin added that even without the threat of terrorist attacks, having knowledge of first-aid skills is useful in an ageing society.

“Having more Singaporeans who know how to carry out first aid can help to ease manpower constraints in the community,” he said.

Volunteer instructor, Yeo Zong Han, 20, who accidentally joined Red Cross through an administrative error eight years ago, said he has since learnt how to bandage wounds, prepare for a crisis and empathise with people in need.

“Most days, I carry a first-aid kit in my bag,” he said.

“I’m not scared to die, but I just want to be prepared to help someone if the time comes.”


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