Far Out Friday: Donald J Trump elementary?

Far Out Friday: Donald J Trump elementary?

When the public is asked to rename a school, it’s only natural for a few wild suggestions to slip through the cracks.

That was certainly the case when Robert E Lee Elementary School, located in Austin, Texas, consulted its community about changing its name.

The District was responding to the concerns of its community, who felt that the school – named after the Confederate leader during the nation’s Civil War  – needed a more appropriate name.

The school’s board instructed the administration to compile the nominations and work with the campus advisory council before bringing options before the board on May 23.

However, some of the 200 suggestions received have left people wondering whether any of the potential new names would be any better than the current one.

Among the suggestions received were:
-Bleeding Heart Liberal elementary
-Bruce Lee elementary
-John Cena elementary
-Ignorance is Bliss elementary
-Schoolie McSchoolerson
-The Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance
And the submission that is currently leading the pack?

Donald J Trump elementary.