New program turns students into entrepreneurs

New program turns students into entrepreneurs

A new pilot program will soon help teachers inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of their students.  

The pilot program, called Venture Dorm, is being run in conjunction with New Venture Institute of Flinders University and the Australian Science and Mathematics School.

Leanna Read, Chief Scientist for South Australia, said that teaching entrepreneurial concepts in classrooms would “unleash the creativity” of students.

"Children by nature are curious and innovative,” Read said.

"If we apply an entrepreneurial culture into the school curriculum, particularly in maths and science, we can help students unleash their creativity and develop the jobs and industries of the future."

Read added that through inspiring an “entrepreneurial mindset” in students, teachers would help them develop the skills they need when they join the workforce.

"Encouraging an entrepreneurship mindset provides them with the right skills for the future.”

Gail Gago, SA Minister for Science and Information Economy, said the program was designed to specifically help teachers so they could apply the concepts in the classroom - whether it was in maths, science, information and communication technologies or art.

"Learning through hands-on experience can develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, providing a solid foundation to develop an entrepreneurial spark," Gago said.

"The Government is focused on ensuring there is a very strong pathway between the Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Skills Strategy initiative education in schools, tertiary education and, of course, the workforce."

A three-day workshop on the pilot program will be held in April for primary and secondary teachers.