School’s Year 9 ‘sex survey’ sparks full investigation

School’s Year 9 ‘sex survey’ sparks full investigation

Tumut High School is currently under investigation for asking Year 9 students to complete an inappropriate sex survey and advertise themselves on mock dating websites.

Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, vowed a full inquest into the incident, warning that the Department of Education will be taking necessary action against the school.

“The Minister has today directed the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) to fully investigate the incident and take whatever disciplinary action is necessary,” Piccoli’s spokesman said.

“Based on the reports, he also believes the material is inappropriate for Year 9 students and has asked the department how it was approved for this classroom.”

The surveys, which were not approved by the Tumut High School, were given to students, aged 14-15, and included questions such as “what is your partner (or hoped for partner) like?

Among the answers made available were “someone I enjoy sex with” and who “gives me pleasure”.

The survey prompted some parents to question what the Department of Education intended to do with such information, considering its personal nature.

Tom Black, the father of a student who received the survey, said his daughter refused to fill out the dating website section at school.

“What does the education department need with that information? I believe those questions have gone way overboard,” Black said.

While NSW schools are able to provide their own learning materials, the DEC mandates that they must be appropriate.

Tumut high school has stated that the surveys were brought in from outside the school and were not approved.