RMIT University

RMIT University

Project: RMIT Activator

RMIT University has continued to play a central role in driving forward educational innovation, through RMIT Activator, which serves as a change catalyst and provides a new model for learning cross-disciplinary skills.

RMIT Activator is the entrepreneurial heart of the university that offers students, staff, alumni, and industry partners a range of learning experiences, including startup accelerators programs, founder and future leader capability courses, micro-credentials, educator professional development, and industry-based/student-led innovation challenges, to address the enterprise skills gap.

RMIT Activator tests and catalyses new ways of educating by:

  • building the capabilities of RMIT staff members, in collaboration with the College of Business.; and
  • codifying and documenting its educational experiments – including design approaches and facilitation styles – and sharing these more broadly within the university though educator train-the-trainer offerings and communities of practice.

RMIT Activator has also designed and delivered a range of innovative offerings, such as Activator RISE –  an always-on, challenge-based learning experience that combines micro-credentials, challenge-based pedagogies, gamification, student-led learning, reflections, and just-in-time learning, to enable students at any level to begin their journey as a founder or leader.