University of Sydney Business School, Darlington, NSW

University of Sydney Business School, Darlington, NSW

Project: Job Smart

The University of Sydney Business School is offering a premier employability program, called Job Smart, to provide international students opportunities to develop key employability skills, increase industry engagement, and gain exposure to the Australian workplace.

The program, offered on a custom-built experiential learning digital platform, has three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Job start - a series of blended activities to discover what employers look for in hiring and engagement via several Sydney-based community events.  
  • Phase 2: Job Smart - a simulated, online/face-to-face, branched team-based case study based on selected graduate attributes (resilience, influence, or cultural competency). 
  • Phase 3: Job Ready - a set of online coaching activities that mirror content and performance expectations of global graduate recruitment processes.     

Job Smart, USBS’s first student experience program to run at true scale as business as usual, is offered to USBS students free of charge. The program has resulted in increased job and internship opportunities as well as overall confidence to enter the Australian workforce, with 41% of Phase 3 completers gaining jobs at graduation, as opposed to 14% of non-participating international students.

Last year, Job Smart won the Employability category for the 2019 AFR Higher Education Awards.