Australian Catholic University reappoints chancellor

Australian Catholic University reappoints chancellor

Australian Catholic University (ACU) chancellor John Fahey has been reappointed for a second term, it was announced on Wednesday.

The announcement by ACU vice-chancellor and president, professor, Greg Craven, said the appointment will last an additional term of five years, starting from 4 September 2019. Fahey’s reappointment was confirmed at the University’s annual general meeting on Wednesday 1 May.

Fahey’s former positions as NSW premier, federal finance minister, chair and member of numerous Australian organisations, and president of the World Anti-Doping Agency put him front and centre of policy formulation, industry growth, industrial relations reform, and an improved approach to drug testing around the world.

“When he joined us in 2014, Mr Fahey had a very public profile at state, national and international level through a career at the helm of political, business and sporting organisations,” Professor Craven said in a statement on Wednesday.

“A natural leader, Mr Fahey has given ACU the same dedication he has committed to public life. Under his stewardship, the University has undergone considerable changes as we continue to emerge as a national university of stature.”

Professor Craven said the University’s path of growth has been “a long-term, sustainable strategy”.

“Through this we continue to increase the number of students we educate, to improve the quality and impact of our world-standard research, to build and develop deep and lasting partnerships both within Australia and internationally, and to graduate students who are well-equipped to handle an ever-transforming workforce,” he said.

“Our campuses are no longer small and quaint but vibrant precincts with top quality facilities and award-winning architecture.”

Professor Graven said this reach has widened through new campuses, including in Rome, and greater engagement with communities.

“Our staff are diverse, dedicated, and dynamic. Our mission is flourishing. You don’t achieve results like this without considerable leadership, support and mentoring,” he said.

“Mr Fahey’s demonstration of these has been instrumental in our success. As chair of the Senate, Mr Fahey has put his confidence in the University and has encouraged our growth and maturity.”

Chancellor Fahey said he was "delighted" to extend his time working with ACU, particularly now with the University's new venture in Blacktown.

"This is a new and exciting time for the University. It’s an opportunity for us to provide a service to western Sydney which it deserves," Chancellor Fahey told The Educator.
Chancellor Fahey said Australia is at a "very interesting and difficult time" in the context of universities' education funding.

"While we appreciate there is not unlimited funding from the Commonwealth taxpayers, if we are to provide that smart country that we strive to do, we certainly need to continue to argue our case," he said.

"These arguments are about the students and not about the university. It is about their needs and not ours.”