Swinburne prepares for the future of work

Swinburne prepares for the future of work

Swinburne University of Technology has launched its Centre for the New Workforce, which, according it the University’s website, “is a research initiative designed to support Australian businesses, organisations and their employees by developing new approaches to learning.” The purpose of the Centre “is to empower people to thrive in the future of work.”

According to research commissioned by the University and conducted by YouGov, more than half of Australian workers fear losing their jobs due to technological innovations rendering them redundant. However, the research also indicated that three in five are prepared to ready themselves for the future of work by learning new skills. This is where the new Centre comes in. According to the press release:

“Swinburne’s Centre for the New Workforce is working alongside partners including Deloitte and LinkedIn to help organisations prepare their people to prosper in the face of digital disruption. The Centre investigates the fundamental changes underway in the future of work, and develops new approaches to learning that individuals and their organisations need to succeed.”

Dr. Sean Gallagher, Director of the Centre for the New Workforce, noted that there was a shortfall in terms of attention and resources that companies dedicated to preparing workers for the next generation of work, in contrast to their emphasis on updating technologies:

“The Centre for the New Workforce recognises that the future of work must foremost be about people. Australian workers want to take on the responsibility of their own upskilling to prepare for the future of work. They want their learning to be work-relevant, accessible, and integrated with work in a supportive environment.”

Robbie Robertson, Partner, Experience Design at Deloitte, underscores the idea that education and job security are inextricably intertwined in the new work environment:

“Integrating learning in the workplace is enabling employees to take control of their career and provides them with security in their roles to keep up with the increasing pace of change due to technology Ultimately, the future workplace will be a combination of learning and work integrated into one.”