University announces new agenda for gender equality

University announces new agenda for gender equality

The University of Newcastle has announced a new progressive agenda for gender equality in the workplace. Inviting all staff to support the initiative, the University has called it the ‘Gender Equality Leadership Pledge’.

The initiative was announced by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky AO and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Deborah Hodgson, according to the University’s website.

The website reports: “The pledge is a commitment to three things – to make gender equality a priority in the workplace; lead by example by being a positive role model for all; and commit to improving gender balance on speaker panels.”

 “The University of Newcastle has the potential, and the desire to drive real and much-needed change in society’s expectations, and it is the right time to call for continued and committed focus on an equitable future,” Professor Zelinsky said

“In the interest of equality not just at our University, but across the sector and society more broadly, we are proud to be a strong voice calling for everyone to make gender equality a priority; and we are focused on achieving gender equality across all levels, disciplines and professional areas.”

Professor Hodgson summed up the necessity of the action: “Making a commitment to gender balance on panels and at conferences is an important step. If we are serious about wanting everyone to have a role model, then we need to ensure there are women and men on the stage or behind the microphones making a meaningful contribution at every event.”