UNSW and AMP launch ‘Designing the Future of Work’

UNSW and AMP launch ‘Designing the Future of Work’

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has teamed up with wealth management firm AMP to launch a free online course, called ‘Designing the Future of Work’, which aims to help employers and employees adapt to the dynamic and rapidly changing technological environment. Of particular concern are issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and big data.

The course aims to anticipate disruptive technologies, discern what effect such technologies will have on jobs, and consider accompanying challenges and solutions.

A press release read:

“The new free online course shares insights and lessons from AMP’s innovation and ideas program, Amplify. Global thought leaders including Heather McGowan (Author and Adviser, Work to Learn), Ramez Naam (Innovation Lecturer, Singularity University), Sue Suckling (Chair of Callaghan Innovation) and UNSW Art & Design academics provide detailed insights on how technology will shape the workforce and workplace of the future, the role of humans in this new world, and how to translate this into business design.”

“During the four-week course, students will learn effective design thinking strategies from leading UNSW Art & Design academics and examine case studies from business and service design perspectives that demonstrate how design can transform business processes to become more adaptive to and predictive of technological and social change. Students will also hear directly from participants in AMP’s Amplify program who share personal insights and advice about how to develop attributes and skills to safeguard an advantage in the workplace of the future.”