Principals threaten to call cops on parents of gaming students

Principals threaten to call cops on parents of gaming students

A group of principals representing 16 schools say they will now call police on students found to be playing violent video games.

The Nantwitch Education Partnership in Cheshire, England, have written to parents, warning them that games such as Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War and Call Of Duty encourage violent and over-sexualised behaviour in children.

The warning was issued after it was discovered that some children had been playing or watching games that contained unsuitable levels of violence and sexual content.

The letter stated: "If your child is allowed to have inappropriate access to any game, or associated product, which is designated 18+ we are advised to contact the police and children's social care as this is deemed neglectful."

Pear Tree Primary School principal, Mary Hennessy Jones, told UK‘s Sunday Times that “clear guidelines” are required to prevent students from accessing such material.

“We are trying to help parents to keep their children as safe as possible in this digital era. It is so easy for children to end up in the wrong place and parents find it helpful to have very clear guidelines,” Jones said.

However, parents’ groups told The Guardian that calling the police on parents who allow their children to play unsuitable computer games was excessive.

“Accepting the huge concerns about these violent games and their effect on children, I think the schools are stepping outside the realm of what is probably acceptable,” said Margaret Morrissey, from the pressure group Parents Outloud.

“It will be construed by many parents as a threat and it is not helpful. If schools want to get the support of parents and gain their confidence, threatening them with social services will not help.”