Schools prepare for Rugby World Cup

Schools prepare for Rugby World Cup
With the Rugby World Cup starting next week schools across Australia will be joining in with National Rugby Week and this year there are more schools taking part than in last year’s inaugural event.

From Monday 14th September 750 schools from every state and territory will be joining in with educational programs and fun activities involving students, teachers and parents.

For more than 126 thousand Aussie kids it will be their first taste of the game that is an obsession for millions of people in Australia and many other countries.

With 8 per cent of all Australian schools taking part and 3.41 per cent of students, it represents an increase from the first National Rugby Week held last year.

Australian Rugby Union CEO Bill Pulver said: “Primary and Secondary schools from all over the country have signed up for National Rugby Week this year including schools in remote locations in the Torres Strait Islands, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Whatever happens to the Aussie team in World Cup the week should provide a lot of fun for students and if you thought Rugby was only for the boys, think again. Bill Pulver commented: “It’s fantastic to see five all-girls schools taking part in the program this year, and some 53,000 young girls in total taking part. This continues the trend of strong growth in female participation across all levels of the game in recent years.”