What Apple’s new iOS update means for your school

What Apple’s new iOS update means for your school

Apple’s release of its new software update iOS 9.3 beta includes new features designed specifically for schools. So how might they improve teaching and learning at your school?

Below is an overview of the new features and what’s included with them.
Shared iPad

Not all schools can afford to give every one of its students an iPad, which is why this feature has been introduced.

With the shared iPad, students can now have a similar experience, logging in to a personalized account using their own Apple ID login, accessing education apps and other materials that they're supposed to be using. To prevent each individual profile taking up too much storage, the iPad will re-download most content as the student begins to use it.
Apple School Manager

This feature gives teachers a centralised place to manage Apple IDs and see what students are doing. The manager also allows users to access enrolment information, buy and distribute books and deliver courses using a program called ‘iTunes U’. Through the program, schools can train their staff and then use Managed Apple IDs to connect teachers and students. 
Classroom App

This app helps teachers keep children focused in the classroom, giving them the ability to lock certain apps that might be distracting their students. The ‘Screen View’ feature allows teachers to see what is on the student’s screen, helping the educator find out how a student is performing on a given task. A student’s work can also be projected onto a classroom television equipped with Apple TV. No internet connection is required when using AirPlay.
Managed Apple IDs

Similar to how regular Apple IDs work, documents are stored in the iCloud and students can enrol in iTunes U courses. However, Managed Apple IDs are specifically designed for schools, and as such enable the admin to reset passwords, audit accounts, create IDs in bulk, and create customised roles for everyone in the district.