Students lack reliable info on university options

Students lack reliable info on university options

Alumni advice is reported to be the most accurate source of information on the overseas university experience. Besides providing insights on campus life, alumni can also share valuable personal insights on life as an international student, migration opportunities, as well as job opportunities post graduation.

However only 7% of Asian graduating students get access to alumni advice when deciding on their further studies, found a recent study by Decision Lab and the International Alumni Job Network.

Almost 60% of students get their advice from education agents and university websites despite it being reported the least accurate source of information.

The study surveyed 10,787 students from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, who studied at universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US and Europe.

Under one in five students had access to internship programs while studying in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Half of those who studied in Australia and 31% in the UK reported relatively higher salary increases after their studies.

While those who completed a master’s degree reported the highest probability of finding employment in the country they studied at.

UK scored the lowest on satisfaction with return on investment from an international education and a lack of work rights as international students post-graduation.

Canada and USA scored the highest in terms of overall satisfaction with finding work in the country while studying as well as after graduating.

On average 40% of students actively recommended the country they studied at to future students and 36% recommended their university.