Top university unveils 10-year strategic plan

Top university unveils 10-year strategic plan

The University of Melbourne has released its 10-year strategic plan, which outlined the University’s direction and aspirations in the next decade.

Developed after an extensive consultation with staff, students, alumni and key stakeholders, the Advancing Melbourne 2030 strategy covered five key focus areas, namely place, community, education, discovery and global.

According the University, the plan was about to be published when this summer’s bushfire and the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

“Since then all University of Melbourne policy decisions have been focused on dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell said.

“Notwithstanding these shocks, I am at one with the University of Melbourne Council and Executive in judging that Advancing Melbourne remains entirely pertinent to the success of the University; now is the time to set a strong strategic framework to guide the University through the next decade,” he said

Professor Maskell said the strategy will help the University to deliver in the national interest and make vital contributions to Australia’s standing on the world stage.

“The University should be one of the leading lights in advancing Australia as an ambitious, forward-thinking country, increasing its reputation and influence globally,” he said.

‘Relevant and achievable’

Professor Maskell believes this ambitious 10-year strategy sets an agenda that is relevant to our times and achievable.

“Indeed, it is already informing the University’s thinking about how to tackle the challenges of COVID-19, and how to emerge from the pandemic fit for purpose and ready to contribute to this nation’s future and the future of the world," he said.

Professor Maskell also said that as the world adapts to the presence of COVID-19, the University will continue to “educate students to an extremely high standard” across a wide range of disciplines and “partner with industry and the community to lead tangible benefits for society.”

He added that the plan builds on nearly 170 years of the University’s contributions to the development of the city of Melbourne, the state of Victoria, Australia and the world.

“It will guide and inspire us to see beyond current setbacks towards a bright and successful future for our students, our staff and the communities we serve”.