Best in Education - Annual Calendar

Rising Stars

Rising Stars will showcase the young industry professionals who are making waves even in the early stages of their career. Nominees must be aged 35 or under as of publication date, working in a role relating to the K-12 education sector for no more than 10 years; and are able to demonstrate effective leadership, innovation and achievement in their career to date

Survey OpenNov 20, 2023

Survey CloseDec 15, 2023

5-Star Employers of Choice

This report will recognise schools that stand out for their employee initiatives (Remuneration, Training and professional development, Career progression, Diversity and inclusion, Access to technology and resources, Leadership, Work-life balance, Health and well-being, Reward and recognition, Recruitment)

Survey OpenJan 29, 2024

Survey CloseFeb 23, 2024

Most Influential Educators

This report will highlight education professionals who have had the most impact in creating a reformative learning culture for students and the society in the last 18 months

Survey OpenMar 25, 2024

Survey CloseApr 19, 2024

Service Provider Awards

This report will identify the best education service providers across Australia

Survey OpenMay 6, 2024

Survey CloseMay 31, 2024


5-Star Sustainable Programs

Survey OpenJun 10, 2024

Survey CloseJul 5, 2024


5-Star Innovative Schools

This report will showcase schools across Australia that are leading change in education

Survey OpenJul 22, 2024

Survey CloseAug 16, 2024