Educator Impact


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Year Founded: 2012


Established in 2012, Educator Impact is a global EdTech company that was created with a vision to make schools a better place to teach and learn. In that time, we have developed a deep understanding of schools, and, most importantly, the data that drives improvements for educators, and student outcomes.

EI’s core competency is in rolling out novel technology solutions that make it easy for schools to collect data and uncover actionable insights into their ‘school experience.’


Our story has, and always will be, a story of impact. At inception, we introduced a pioneering method for teachers to obtain 360-degree quantitative and qualitative feedback on their practice from students, observers, and a self-assessment. The feedback collected has helped teachers achieve a measurable improvement in student perception over time.


“If I had to choose one word to describe the ei process I would say it’s empowering. It gives you the power that you need to make positive changes to make a big impact in the classroom”. Darren Cox, Former Principal S Phillip’s Christian College.


In the last 18 months, we’ve broadened our scope to become the best way by which schools and school systems measure the non-academic aspects of their organisation. We are the platform for assessing your school’s health and culture.


Our latest product, ei Pulse, helps schools manage the wellbeing of students and staff, and it’s been wildly popular. ei Pulse makes it safe and easy for students to ask for help when they need it the most. Using weekly check-ins, ei Pulse helps teachers understand how their students are feeling and develop early interventions. ei Pulse is designed for action, providing staff deep insights and leading indicators into wellbeing and sentiment data to improve the whole school experience.


In the last year, schools using ei Pulse have:

- Identified students that were not previously on their 'wellbeing radar'

- Supported more than 2600 students who used the 'I need help' feature

- Stayed connected with students through more than 1 million check-ins


Trusted by hundreds of schools, ei is compliant under GDPR, COPPA and FERPA regulations. With a privacy-first mindset, we develop all our software in-house, invest heavily in RnD and have a dedicated Customer Success and support team that works closely with schools to develop positive school environments.


Company Name:

Educator Impact


Head Office Address:

3rd Floor, Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000


Telephone No.:

1800 864 896


[email protected]