CrookED Science


CrookED Science is an award-winning Australian STEM education consultancy dedicated to supporting primary and secondary schools, teachers and students. CrookED Science works with regional and metropolitan schools through bespoke in situ and online support and by offering accredited professional development workshops.

Regular work includes:

  • Making Science and STEM more hands-on, engaging and sustainable in primary schools
  • Mentoring gifted science students
  • Training up new science teachers in high schools
  • Delivering regular student revision workshops across the sciences
  • Facilitating regular professional development workshops across all of the sciences, K-12
  • Providing year round support to Physics students and teachers through a combination of flipped learning and video conferences
  • Working with schools, K-12, with new initiatives e.g. new teaching programs, implementing STEM, designing new STEM spaces


Founder and Director Dr Simon Crook reflects on the ever-increasing need for support in schools with the sciences. “With the constant narrative of the need for STEM in Australia, yet a burgeoning shortage of skilled science teachers, especially in Physics, I recognised the sheer level of support required in education and that I might be able to make a contribution to redressing this void”. Accordingly, Dr Crook was able to utilise the many new skills gained through his PhD, combined with his experiences as a science teacher and technologies adult educator, and create CrookED Science.


Consultancies live and die by their reputations. CrookED Science constantly seeks feedback on its work. However, the most satisfying is when unsolicited gratitude is expressed by client teachers and schools. A recent example came from a leader at a regional school:


“Thank you for providing these opportunities to both the teachers and students. As the department head and Director of Professional Growth, I cannot express my gratitude enough for passionate educators, such as yourself, that are willing to share their practice to develop colleagues.”


As the Vision Statement of CrookED Science goes, “Our Vision is of a world where every student has access to a high quality STEM education, wherever they may be.”



Company Name:

CrookED Science


Head Office Address:

PO Box 521, Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203


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