Lobethal Lutheran School

Every child dreams of a day in the forest - at Lobethal Lutheran School learners go ‘Beyond’ the classroom to make this dream a reality.

Lobethal Lutheran School is an F-6 school based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Lobethal Lutheran takes learning beyond the classroom, offering an innovative forest learning program from their offsite nature campus, ‘Beyond’.

Once a week, Lobethal Lutheran students are bussed off site, to a forest glen haven at Spring Head, South Australia, to engage in the innovative, rich outdoor learning program, ‘Beyond’, intentionally planned to develop confidence and resilience through challenge and risk in a range of forest skill and discovery experiences.


Lobethal Lutheran is the first primary school in Australia to offer an innovative STEM-AG program.  Students work across traditional school levels finding and solving real problems within the agriculture. STEM-AG begins with students, supported by teachers, identifying what they believe needs to be addressed within our local agricultural community
All of the learning is in response to real problems faced in the agricultural community.


The student centred, relevant curriculum is informed by the needs of the community, and supports students to develop a feeling of purpose, belonging, engagement and lead them to demonstrate academic excellence within our community.


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Lobethal Lutheran School