Brisbane South State Secondary College


The most responsive schools are finding pathways of action for improvement and innovation by reimagining curriculum design through teaching, learning and assessment practices, the new role of teachers and leaders, and leveraging learning environments, partnerships, technology and inquiry – seamlessly – resulting in better outcomes for all students.

As a new school, Brisbane South State Secondary College was provided with a very ambitious vision: to provide multiple senior pathways, including VET, ATAR and the International Baccalaureate; to develop programs with key industry partners, including the University of Queensland; and to deliver and implement learning using future-focused spaces in a technologically advanced environment. In response to this, the college embraced the opportunity to ensure a global outlook to integrated learning for all students by developing and implementing its new and unique Junior Secondary Learning Framework, creating the narrative for the new standard in education.

The Department of Education Queensland and the University of Queensland envisaged Brisbane South State Secondary College as a school that would be recognised nationally and internationally as innovative, inclusive and engaged in providing a high-quality, holistic learning environment for all students. At the college,

  • future-focused learning is at the forefront of the learning revolution in which students are prepared with the skills and capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing and interconnected world
  • future-focused teachers will apply research outcomes produced by the University of Queensland’s Science of Learning Research Centre to understand the needs and talents of their students; construct engaging learning opportunities; listen to what students have to say about their learning needs and progress; create vibrant partnerships with students that nurture their innate love of learning and curiosity; and positively challenge students to their full potential
  • future-focused learning environments inspire students to be leaders of their own learning; enable students to collaborate and learn with and from each other; and provide opportunities for students to use critical and creative thinking, identify worldwide problems, develop solutions, and become mindful, global citizens

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