Norwest Christian College


Founded in 1980, Norwest Christian College (NWCC) has been a pillar of Christian Education and hope in Sydney’s North West for over 40 years. With a learning framework entitled Building Purposeful Lives, the College is committed to educating and supporting students and families to build a life that is purposeful. This is lived out holistically as staff, students and parents partner together in a unique community, in the pursuit of excellence across all aspects of life.

NWCC is committed to excellence both academically and pastorally, for students and staff. Staff are encouraged to be who God has created them to be, growing in their skills and capacity, to serve in a manner that honours God and to be empowered to experiment and explore, as they learn, grow, and adapt together. Staff embody what they teach, by becoming life-long learners in a pursuit of excellence.

Company Name:
Norwest Christian College

Head Office Address:
33 McCulloch Street Riverstone NSW 2765

Telephone No.:
(02) 8889 4600