Ormiston College


Ormiston College is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational Christian school located in Redland City, South-East of Brisbane.  

Ormiston College is proud to be a school that is acknowledged for its leadership and innovative educational programs, providing students with the competencies and expertise required for success in the 21st century. The College's award-winning Teaching and Learning Framework supports the delivery of the best educational outcomes for all learners. The College is consistently featured as one of Australia’s most innovative schools and in 2021, is extremely proud to be named Excellence Awardees in multiple categories in The Educator's, Australian Education Awards!

While Ormiston College is known for academic and co-curricular achievements, in parallel to this, and just as important, is that each child be encouraged, challenged and given every opportunity to develop a sense of purpose and emotional wellbeing in an environment that is happy, spirited and secure. The College prides itself on having a dedicated, experienced and committed professional team of people who are optimistic, accountable, team minded, loyal to the College and committed to providing the best possible education for our students.

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Company Name:
Ormiston College

Head Office Address:
97 Dundas Street West, Ormiston QLD 4160

Telephone No.:
07 3821 8999