Peter Foster
Hymba Yumba Independent School

Peter Foster, Hymba Yumba Independent School

Peter Foster

Hymba Yumba Independent School

 6 Springfield Parkway, Springfield
 07 3381 8134
  [email protected]
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Peter has over thirty years of experience as a passionate educator. Having completed his Masters of Educational Studies at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, a Graduate Certificate in Boy’s Education, a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Education in Primary Teaching, he has also in this time, enjoyed teaching and leading from Prep to Year 12.  

Peter is currently the Principal of Hymba Yumba Independent School in Queensland, a majority First Nation’s school that strives for excellence in 21st Century education for all jarjums and is proudly ‘First Nations’ in culture. Hymba Yumba Independent School was awarded a Top Innovative Schools Award in 2020 under Peter’s leadership followed by a 5 Star Innovative Schools Award in 2021.

Peter is a lover of dogs having three of his own, a Mini Groodle, a German Shepherd and a Black Labrador Assistance Dog.

Peter believes that his main responsibility is to place his jarjums in the best possible position to achieve their goals and aspirations while being supported by passionate, innovative teachers, as that will in turn put them in the best possible position to lead in a modern world backed by culture, respects, and traditions.