David Ferguson
John Paul College Ltd.

David Ferguson, Deputy Head of International Operations

David Ferguson

Deputy Head of International Operations
John Paul College Ltd.

 John Paul Drive, Daisy Hill, 4127, QLD
 07 3826 3474
  [email protected]
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During the most challenging period of the International Education industry's history, David has led a committed team of international staff to ensure the very best outcomes for international students at John Paul College. With so many under 18 international students stranded in Australia, David has ensured the wellbeing of these students is at the forefront of every decision.
As Deputy Head of International Operations, David directs John Paul International College’s ELICOS programs, business operations and strategic direction.  Not only has David provided steady leadership during this period but he has also has capitalised on opportunities presented to reimagine operations through a ‘what if?’ mindset. David led a seamless transition from a ‘business as usual’ footing to a crisis footing by empowering his team to ensure the best outcomes for students, parents and education agents.

David is familiar face at International Education and Training, ELICOS and industry events around the country. Most recently he has presented at conferences and in programs focussing on Australia’s international education recovery and market growth post-pandemic, including as part of NEAS’s Australia Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement program and the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC).

After the events of 2020/21 and the likely volatility in 2022, David believes we must take the opportunities presented during these ambiguous, uncertain and competitive times to create new value propositions, target new markets, hone operations in existing markets and reflect.

We must do this by being mindful, selfless and compassionate.