Curriculum-linked videos making a difference

Curriculum-linked videos making a difference

In the modern, fast-paced classroom, making the most of your time is crucial. From when students walk into a room and sit down to when the lesson is over, teachers have to know that their efforts have been productive.

However, with so much information to convey in relatively little time, technology can be a helpful assistant.

One such assistant being used by schools is EnhanceTV, an educational video platform that gives teachers and students access to a vast array of curriculum-linked content.

Video clips from a library consisting of tens of thousands of age-appropriate movies, documentaries and TV shows linked to the Australian Curriculum can be searched and shared, allowing teachers to save time and focus more on teaching.

All videos come with year level recommendations and classifications that teachers can control what their students watch. The ad-breaks have also been removed, allowing students an uninterrupted learning experience.

Below, The Educator speaks to head of EnhanceTV, Stefan Savva, to find out more.

TE: In your view, what makes Enhance TV stand out from other video content sharing services in the market?

SV: EnhanceTV is uniquely positioned in the market as the only not-for-profit educational video platform. We put learning outcomes ahead of profit, students ahead of shareholders and value creation ahead of revenue generation. This mindset is “baked-in” to our business and our culture. Being motivated by improving learning outcomes translates into a service that was designed to meet school needs, and not designed to extract dollars from school budgets.

TE: What is the greatest value of Enhance TV’s resources for school principals looking to improve teaching and learning outcomes in their school?

SV: School principals frequently tell us EnhanceTV provides great value as well as great content. Schools are moving to EnhanceTV because it is less cumbersome than our competitors, better value for money and the content is more engaging. It's easy to use and navigate around and even with slow internet, it still works well

TE: Can you share any examples of how your services have seen improved student engagement and/or outcomes?

SV: Yiyili Aboriginal Community School, situated in the heart of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, found that the content we were offering really suited their curriculum. Teachers at the school found that video was an effective way to open lessons and introduce new concepts to the students. To get the most out of this platform, the school found that playing a video in class was best followed up with activities, further reading and writing. By doing this, the school saw much better engagement and outcomes as the videos helped students build comprehension of a narrative before the test was read to them.


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