Digital citizenship – a new guide for parents, teachers and young people

Digital citizenship – a new guide for parents, teachers and young people

As communication and learning move increasingly online, parents and teachers are faced with the challenge of empowering young people to become positive, smart and safe contributors to a digital society.

In response to the NSW Department of Education’s ‘Review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools’, which recommended improved, consistent cybersafety and online education for students and more support for teachers, the Digital Citizenship site was developed. 

The site enables students to work independently, or be guided by their parents and teachers, to utilise the various articles and resources found on and through the page.

It provides advice and guidance to parents on how to ensure the wellbeing of young people in a digital environment.

Parents can access easy-to-understand advice and guidance, helping them to understand what children do online and how to promote safe online practice.

For teachers, there are a wide range of learning resources available, supporting them to model best practice and guide students in responsible digital citizenship.

And for students, there is access to quick support if they are experiencing difficulties or concerns when online.

The site recognises the expertise of content partners such as the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People, providing users with direct links to the best possible information to address their needs.

The department will continue to develop the Digital Citizenship website, adding articles and resources as they come to hand. In this way, we will ensure the best possible tools are available to guide young people to be positive, smart and safe online.

The Digital Citizenship site is located on the NSW Education Department website.