Principal suspends 22 students

It has been revealed that a Queensland principal suspended 22 of his school’s students last week for sharing inappropriate images within the school.

Those suspended included both male and female students, all of whom were in Year 9 at Palm Beach Currumbin (PBC) High School, located on the Gold Coast.

PBC principal, Stephen Loggie, said the school was working with the parents of these students to ensure their young people make better decisions in the future.

“Young people are confronted by unprecedented pressures in relation to their online presence,” Loggie said in a statement.

“Upon their return, all students will redo the cyber-safety course which will include examining case studies highlighting the dangers of this type of activity.”

The school’s decision comes after 71 schools were targeted by an inappropriate website in which thousands of naked images of female students were circulated and shared.

A spokesperson for the Queensland Department of Education told The Educator that unsafe online behaviour and inappropriate use of technology was a “community-wide issue”.

“Schools, along with parents, have a role to play in supporting students to make safe and appropriate choices online. The school is working with students to ensure their behaviour is in line with school behaviour policy,” the spokesperson said.
Due to student privacy no further details about specific incidents can be provided.