Master of Education Guide 2017

Master of Education Guide 2017
RIGHT NOW, educators around the country are contemplating where precisely they want their careers to take them next. Perhaps it’s a leadership position on offer with an existing employer, or an opportunity to develop STEM education expertise. Some may be looking to advance in education by entering into a new area entirely, while others may be seeking to enhance their skills in order to maximise their ability to perform in their current role.

For educators falling into any of those categories, a Master of Education (MEd) program merits serious consideration. Universities across Australia have developed(and are continuing to develop) MEd programs that will prepare education professionals for career progression and a host of exciting job opportunities.

“The Master of Education provides educators with the opportunity to be involved in advanced thinking about education both
nationally and globally,” says Dr Kay Hartwig, a senior lecturer at Griffith University.

What can candidates who elect to take on MEd studies expect to gain in terms of skills and qualifications? How are Australian universities working to ensure the currency of their course content? And what kinds of course features have universities introduced to assist in making a return to formal study that little bit easier? 

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