Education sector identified as ‘hot spot’ for jobs

A huge 30% jump in demand for education professionals is set to take place by 2019.

With recent trends favouring knowledge-intensive industries, job opportunities are opening up for skilled education professionals who are being increasingly sought out by employers seeking specialised skill-sets.

Demand for education professionals is expected to increase across the board. Torrens University Australia this week listed ‘education specialist’ among its top 4 ‘hot jobs for 2015’ following research into the main areas of industry growth. Key specialist fields such as English and Literacy, Education Management and Policymaking, are expected to see exponential growth as demand shifts towards Australia’s broad-based Education and Training sector.

The hot jobs list mirrors a recent IBISWorld Education and Training in Australia Industry Report, which projects that revenue in the ET sector will increase by 4.4% over the next five years. In particular, a stronger focus on early education and online education is expected to foster significant employment demand of over 30% in these fields. 

The government’s National Career Development Strategy, in tandem with the impending Higher Education and Research Reform Bill, aims to improve quality in the education sector. However, any doubts about the quantity of education specialists may soon be allayed if recent projections prove accurate.
Professor Eddie Blass, Acting Academic Director at Torrens University Australia, highlighted some encouraging developments in the education sector that may offer a welcome reprieve for a sector experiencing uncertainty.

“We are currently seeing unprecedented socio-technological changes which are having profound implications for education and teaching,” said Professor Blass.

“Few occupations play such an important role in shaping peoples’ lives and ultimately shaping the future of the nation, and as this is brought to the forefront, so too is demand for skilled educators that can develop and deliver innovative teaching programs and ensure social justice and equity for children in education from birth to eight years and beyond.”