Far Out Friday: Bizarre detention reasons

Far Out Friday: Bizarre detention reasons

Generally speaking, detention is no laughing matter, but from time to time there are exceptions…

By sharing the detention slips given to their children, UK parents revealed to the Daily Mail some of the weird and wacky reasons students are sometimes given detention, and make no mistake – just about all of them are justified.

On one detention slip, a teacher explained how a student became convinced he was Batman.  
‘On top of wire cages at oval saying “I’m protecting Gotham city” sent to maths room and then on top of bin saying same thing,’ it read.

Another teacher slapped a student with detention for claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.
The detention slip read: ‘Disrupting class - claiming to be the reborn Jesus…and hitting another student with a Bible.’
Referring to your teacher as a ‘muggle’ – a term from the Harry Potter books meaning a non-magical being – can also apparently get you detention, as one student found out the hard way.
However, that was not the only bizarre insult that a student had thrown at a teacher.
A teacher explained how after being spoken to about disrespect, the student continued to call another teacher a ‘furby’ – a furry electronic toy resembling something between a hamster and an owl.
Other students’ love for (real) animals is what caused them to receive an after-school detention. The teacher wrote: ‘Michael finished his group work early so he took a laptop [without permission] and began looking at pictures of pugs.’ 
Another child received detention for disturbing his classmates by showing them pictures of cats during lesson time.  

But then who doesn’t like cats?