Far Out Friday: Cops bust mums for smoking back-to-school joint

Far Out Friday: Cops bust mums for smoking back-to-school joint

While the first day back at school can be annoying for some students, it can be a time of peace and relaxation for parents.

After dropping their kids at the school gates, one group of parents in the Canadian district of Saanich chose to mark the occasion by smoking a celebratory joint.

However, as they began to drive off, their buzz was blown by a police traffic safety officer who stopped them for speeding in a school zone.

“As soon as she rolled down her window, it was pretty evident the people in that car or the driver herself had been smoking a joint prior to being stopped by me,” Sergeant John Price told Chek News.

But it was what the driver said next that took the officer by surprise.

“She did respond and admit to smoking a joint. She tried to excuse it away by saying that she and some of the other moms this morning had a celebratory joint celebrating that the kids are back in school,” Price said.

“She was not deemed impaired by that drug. She did show some signs of intoxication but not enough for us to take her car or charge her criminally.”

However, Price pointed out that speeding in a school zone was a serious issue and that while the mum’s excuse may be have been comical, the behaviour is no laughing matter.

“There’s nothing funny about driving through a school zone over the posted speed limit and under the influence of a narcotic or intoxicant,” Price added.