Far-Out Friday: Comedian’s prank baffles school

Far-Out Friday: Comedian’s prank baffles school

British comedian, Tim Bradbury, left staff at a UK primary school markedly confused after prank-calling them, pretending to be a young child calling in sick.

“Good morning, I’m just ringing in to tell you that I’m not coming in today,” he begins in a high-pitched, child-like voice.

When asked who is calling, Bradbury simply answers “Tim”, before explaining that his mum is asleep and can’t drive him to school but that he “feels sick anyway” and is not coming in.

After several unsuccessful attempts to identify him, the receptionist gives the phone to a teacher who asks how old he is.

“I’m three, nearly six!” he answers, adding “I’m a big boy now”.

None the wiser as to who the mystery child is, the teacher then asks what class he is in, to which “Tim” replies “Loads!”

He also avoids revealing where he lives by explaining he's “at home with his dog and his mum who is asleep”.


The full video can be seen below.