Headmaster of prestigious school stands down

Headmaster of prestigious school stands down

Trinity Grammar headmaster, Dr Michael Davies, has announced that he will stand down at the end of the school term.

The move comes after a tumultuous time for the school and its board, which experienced a revolt by students and old grammarians who protested the decision to sack long-time deputy head, Ronan Brown, who has since been reinstated.

In a statement, Dr Davies said his decision to step down came after speaking with his family.

“Having successfully resolved some complex matters over recent weeks, I am now content that our hard work in recent weeks has helped the school return to a position where students and staff are enjoying the normal rhythm of life,” he said.

“As a school, we have made tremendous strides over the past four years and I have enjoyed my time here immensely.”

Robert Utter, the chairman of the school council, said that over the last four and a half years, Dr Davies had been “instrumental in the school's continuing evolution as a leading private education institution”.

“It would be easy to forget these achievements given recent circumstances at the school but they remain accurate measures of our recent history,” Utter said.