How to protect your school's important documents

How to protect your school

Since the introduction of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) in schools in 2013, many questions and concerns have arisen about the process of data storage and collation. In particular, educators have been concerned about the filing of evidence required for submission and the impact this and any future audits could have on their time.

Following consultation with schools and educators around Australia, it is apparent that schools are creating their own document management systems to store information about the provision of learning and support adjustments for students with disability. This leaves schools vulnerable to losing important documents and time in collation and training processes.

The ImproMation Group has developed ezNCCD - an online system to streamline the recording, storage and annual rollover of NCCD evidence for students. Developed specifically for educators to use for NCCD, this software solution meets all the requirements for an easy and time-saving evidence collection process.

With ezNCCD you will be able to:

1.         Store student information in one location to be accessed by relevant staff

2.         Extract NCCD categories reports

3.         Instantly access and update entries online

4.         Allow teachers access to their class information

5.         Automatically roll over student data into new classes from year to year

6.         Utilise collected information for school decision making purposes

7.         Satisfy audit requirements by having evidence effectively and efficiently accessible

ezNCCD has been designed with an intuitive user interface to minimise time spent learning the tool. Multiple staff can access ezNCCD to enter, upload and review evidence allowing for the sharing and storage of information in a secure location.

About the ImproMation Group

The ImproMation Group is a software development company with its focus on helping schools meet their tracking and reporting needs.  Michael Tunks, the Director, and his team, have been providing online services to over 1800 Australian schools for more than 15 years.

The company has a focus on delivering innovative technology solutions to Australian schools to achieve admin efficiency. Their powerful suite of 15 unique software tools positions them as market leaders in the education administrative software industry in Australia.

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