Managing staff relationships with students

Managing staff relationships with students

In the age of online, it is getting easier for staff and students to forge relationships outside of school hours. 

It is important therefore for schools to manage these relationships, know how to set unmistakable and enforceable boundaries with staff, and clearly identify misconduct.

Join Jacquie Seemann, Partner of Thomson Geer, will be at the upcoming Education Law Masterclass, which returns to Sydney this month.

The session will cover managing relationships between staff and pupils off campus, defining what acceptable communication is and when it should be labelled as misconduct, how to establish clear and legally enforceable communication boundaries between staff and students, when a relationship become an abuse of power and legal steps for disciplining staff engaging in misconduct.

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There are a limited number of seats remaining at the conference – The Educator readers interested in attending are encouraged to book their seat online now to avoid disappointment.

The Education Law Masterclass will be held at Dockside Darling Harbour on Wednesday 30 August.