Opinion: The top five online tools for your flipped classroom

The idea behind flipped classrooms is also known as inverted teaching, which seems to embrace the idea that students should be encouraged to learn using active learning techniques instead of being forced to listen to boring lectures.
Flipping a classroom basically implies getting rid of traditional lectures and replacing them with strategies that focus more on learning strategies, including discussions, learning, problem-based learning, etc. As far as content delivery is concerned, professors usually turn to pre-class readings or online videos.
Have you tried to “flip your classroom”? This smart technique is very practical, and it implies moving lectures onto digital media.
As a result of this method, teachers basically increase the chances of interacting more with their students during class. Besides, they also replace the traditional learning environment with two unique ones, thus allowing students to ask a wide array of questions, use technology in an effective way, and solve various problems.
Panopto is one of the most used tools when it comes to capturing lectures, being embraced by several universities and K-12 classrooms. If you want to use this tool, all you need to do is provide your classroom computer with a Panopto recorder. This device will record class lectures, Power Point presentations, or whatever screens are used during the class. The recordings are then usually uploaded to the Canvas, where students can review them whenever they want.
Teachers who use Panopto shouldn’t worry about the uploading process, since this device is connected to Canvas, one of the best-known Course Management Systems. Before starting to record, you can opt for adding archive to one of your course folders, and the recording will be automatically stored in the chosen folder. Besides, you can also choose to provide your students with a live feed of the lecture recording.
Panopto is very useful for students as well, as it gives them the chance to search between lectures using different keywords. Besides, you can pause the recording anytime you want to take down some notes, unlike in real life, when focusing on what the teacher says is nearly impossible.
Tegrity is a great class flipping tool that records all the activities performed on teachers’ computers. If professors provide their computers with microphones, students will be able to listen whenever they have something to say. If they also add a tablet and a web-cam, students will manage to record the teacher while writing and explaining. Tegrity is also connected to a Course Management System called Angel, which means that every lecture recording can be automatically uploaded for the students. The best part about Tegrity is that it doesn’t force you to adjust your teaching style. Instructors and teachers can set the number of students with whom they want to share a certain recording, and they can delete it whenever they want.
ProProfs is a great online tool designed to help teachers prepare and upload lessons online. This tool is currently used by several institutions and teachers because its interface is extremely flexible and simple. Besides, unlike other class flipping tools, this one is completely free. Teachers from all over the world will definitely benefit from ProProfs because it will make their lectures a lot more interactive.
Students will love this tool because it allows them to identify specific parts of a lesson and bookmark it. Besides, accessing the needed materials it’s so simple that it can be done even via Smartphone.
This tool helps teachers record every single move they make on their computers. Besides, they can easily add audio to the recordings by using a microphone. The best thing about Screencast-O-Matic is that it doesn’t need software installation, as it runs directly from its official website. Users are given the chance to create a free account which allows them to freely record and upload 15 minutes of material. However, the full version of Screencast-O-Matic comes with unlimited editing and recording, along with plenty of other features.
Camtasia Studio
Camtasia is one of the most popular tools when it comes to class flipping, allowing teachers to integrate videos, music, PowerPoint presentations, games, and even music to their lessons. Besides, they can add several visual effects to their recordings. Lessons can be edited very easily using this tool, and its latest version also allows you to create quizzes and share them with your students.
Kamy Anderson is an eLearning expert with ProProfs.com, a website for building and testing knowledge. ProProfs tools are used by millions of users each month including companies like Sony, Dell and even Harvard & Yale.