Principal of prestigious school threatens to sue students

Principal of prestigious school threatens to sue students

An Adelaide principal is threatening to sue students who are spreading “malicious and unsubstantiated allegations” about her.

Anita Zocchi, who heads the prestigious Adelaide High School, has sought legal advice over the letter – purportedly written by a student – that has been circulating through Facebook and other social media platforms this month.

The allegations in the letter are too legally sensitive to be published.

Earlier this month, the South Australian Education Department appealed to the school community, calling upon anyone who had information about the circulation of the letter to come forward.

“In recent days, a letter has been circulated throughout the Adelaide High School community that makes serious, malicious and unsubstantiated allegations against the principal,” the letter to parents and students stated.

“DECD and the school reject outright the content of the letter and are taking swift and appropriate action to redress this behaviour.”

The Department’s letter said the state’s education director, Greg Petherick, has been working with the leadership team and governing council to address the matter, adding that students and parents could demonstrate respect for the principal by ensuring the letter is not spread further.

In a statement provided to The Educator, a spokesman for the South Australian Education Department reaffirmed the Department’s support for Ms Zocchi.

“The Department has absolute confidence in the leadership, integrity and professionalism of the principal and has communicated that to the school community,” the spokesman said.