Principal’s bold idea to lift school standards

Principal’s bold idea to lift school standards

A principal has proposed an alternative funding scheme he says will boost competition and improve outcomes.

Dr John Newton, principal of Scotch College, located in Adelaide, said that under the scheme, parents would be issued with government vouchers to spend on private or public schools of their choice.

Newton said this would create a unique marketplace in which “competition thrives” and low-income families receive greater funding, making it easier for them to choose private schooling.

“Public schools should also have greater freedom to raise their fees for locally supported and relevant education programs,” he said.

“When parents are consulted, they will pay. And when parents pay, they pay attention. They will demand their return on investment.”

Newton added that it must be made easier for schools to draft high-calibre professionals into the classroom who are not registered teachers.

Several US states have used voucher systems as well as countries including Sweden, though that nation, like Australia, has come under scrutiny for a decline in international educational rankings.
The original story appeared in Adelaide Now.