Private school students could be drug tested

Private school students could be drug tested

An elite Brisbane college is considering random drug tests on its students to combat an “insidious” drug threat.

The move comes one year after two students from St Joseph’s Nudgee College, located in northern Brisbane, were charged by police for supply and possession of cannabis. A further six students were suspended.

In a statement published in the school’s newsletter, principal, Peter Fullagar, said that as part of the school’s strategic priorities, a Drug Response Support Program would be implemented in 2017.

“We are still developing the program and as part of this program the College is considering the introduction of a random testing policy,” Fullagar wrote.

“The nature and scope of this testing is currently being determined. Whether testing is implemented or not, it is our intention to implement a Holistic Drug Program.”

A spokeswoman for the school told The Courier Mail that a community forum would be held later in the year to further discuss the matter.

However, a spokesman for the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) said no schools had been directed to implement random drug testing.

“Each school community will make its own decision on the appropriate approach, within the framework of a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse,” the spokesman said.

Nudgee College has a drug policy which every student signs upon enrolment. The policy is delivered by Edmund Rice Education Australia. Visit
St Joseph’s Nudgee College has been contacted for further comment.