Ravenswood captain’s speech ‘related to court case’

Ravenswood captain’s speech ‘related to court case’

Ravenswood School for Girls wrote to parents on Sunday to reassure them of its commitment to free speech after its outgoing school captain, Sarah Haynes, accused staff of censoring her speech so it aligned with the school’s distinguished image.

She also slammed her school for being driven more by financial concerns than the welfare of its students.

In the letter, chair of Ravenswood School Council, Mark Webb, said he could not comment directly about Haynes' speech as it related to a matter before the courts.

"Ravenswood School may be the subject of media commentary over the coming days as a result of a speech made at the Secondary School Speech Day ceremony last week," Webb wrote.

"This is unfortunate because it detracts from the Year 12 celebrations, but it is seemingly unavoidable.

"As this relates to a matter before the courts, it is not possible for us to comment on the specifics other than to say this relates to a disagreement about disciplinary action taken against a number of students following an incident of alleged bullying."

In the letter, Webb added that the school had “an overriding obligation” to provide its students with safe and respectful learning environment for every student.

“This applies not only to the way girls behave towards one another but also to allowing their freedom to express individual opinions in speeches or otherwise."