Teachers may soon get $100k salaries

The salaries of high-performing Queensland teachers could soon be bumped up to $100,000 if an agreement between teachers and employers is reached.

The talks follow calls by the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) to reward loyal and high-performing teachers with the opportunity to earn $100,000 per year.

Currently, the state’s teachers earn up to $93,000. However, top salaries are reserved for teachers who have been in the profession for 13 years or more.

Those wishing to earn more than $100,000 must take on a role such as the head of ­curriculum, or become a principal.

However, QTU president, Kevin Bates, told The Educator that the recent report “over-reached” in suggesting a deal was close.

“Negotiations for the new certified agreement are ongoing and the QTU expects to receive a formal offer from Government sometime next week to allow for consultation with members when they return to school for Term 3,” he said.

“There is still much work to be done, especially with regards to salary where the government offer remains 2.5% in line with its wages policy. Such an increase (2.5%) would place Queensland teachers amongst the lowest paid in the country.

“The Courier-Mail article reference to 100k salaries was based on the QTU achieving an outcome more consistent with our claim of 4.5% per annum.”

Bates added that the gap between the two positions on salary increases remains significant.

“Workload issues remain a high priority for QTU members and the QTU in negotiations. Once a formal offer is received, members will be asked to consider a package of which salaries is but one part,” he said.

“Teachers and principals salaries generally are not sufficient for the value of the work they do for our community. Greater recognition in terms of salary is one element of restoring respect for our profession and a critical part of attracting and retaining teachers.”