Troubled school gets scathing govt review

A school that employed security guards after a teacher was bashed has been slammed for poor leadership and lax educational standards.

A damning report by the Western Australian Education department was launched into Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School in May after a teacher was assaulted and 83 students were suspended during the first term.

The Department’s five-person review group found that the school’s new principal has been unable to set direction and that teachers are not delivering a professional and coherent curriculum.

“Fractured relationships within the executive leadership team hinder the prospects for school improvement.

Teaching practices do not deliver an authentic, timely, challenging and personalised curriculum,” the report said.

“Consequently, the levels of student engagement and achievement are concerning.”

The State School Teachers’ Union (SSTU) of WA president, Pat Byrne, told WA Today that the union would cooperate to address student violence but cautioned against blaming teachers.

“Teachers are already on the front line when violence occurs – to then read reports suggesting they are to blame further reduces morale, undermines teachers in the eyes of the community and makes the situation worse,” Byrne said.

She added that teachers needed government and community support, not further criticism.

The state’s Education Minister, Peter Collier, visited the school in April to attend a special forum convened to discuss ways to create a more harmonious atmosphere at the troubled school.

“You do not come up and listen to the issues we've heard today and think everything is fine,” Collier told the ABC.

“You cannot let the status quo prevail, because it is not working.”