Your professional registration, your collective voice, your recommendations

Your professional registration, your collective voice, your recommendations

As a professional practitioner you are registered with your teacher regulatory authority.

How is this system working for you? How, nationally, could registration best support you and how is registration supporting your professional needs?

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is working to enable outcomes that will support the profession, and busy Australian teachers can now quickly have their say on the National Review of Teacher Registration.

The Review is being conducted by the National Review of Teacher Registration Expert Panel which will report its findings in late 2018.

There are five key topics that they want to know more about:

  • How is the national teacher registration framework working across Australia?
  • Should early childhood teachers be part of a national approach to teacher registration?
  • What role does teacher registration play for VET teachers in school settings?
  • How does teacher registration support entry into the teaching profession?
  • How can we ensure that registered teachers satisfy the fit and proper person requirement?

AITSL is providing three ways for people to have their say. A short five-to-ten minute survey is now available, accessible from mobile devices, at

An online discussion forum which allows participants to choose the topics they’re interested in at a time that suits them is now open and can be found at

And in addition, educators can make a written online submission to the Review via the AITSL website at

AITSL CEO, Lisa Rodgers, urged busy teachers to make their views heard before the consultation period ends today.

“If you have a view on teacher registration and how it can better support entry into the profession for all school, early childhood, and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in-schools teachers; now’s the time to be heard,” Rodgers said.

“The Review explores how registration is a driver of great teaching. It focuses on the level of national consistency and rigour in teacher registration and how the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Teacher Standards) are being applied.”

Go to the AITSL website at to find out more.


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