Dr Simon Crook, Founder, CrookED Science

Dr Simon Crook, Founder, CrookED Science

Dr Simon Crook is the founder of CrookED Science, a STEM education consultancy, and is working with primary and secondary school teachers and students across Australia around all things STEM.

Where possible, Crook connects primary schools with local high schools to allow younger students access to the science facilities of high schools. He’s mentored a number of gifted students in upper primary and lower secondary with STEM projects that address real-world problems. He’s also created and delivered accredited professional development for primary teachers, in order to build their capacity in teaching hands-on science and technology.

In high schools, Crook has been working primarily with HSC physics students and teachers, using a blended learning approach to complement the work of teachers and further deepen student knowledge. And with the new HSC physics syllabus set to be introduced next year, Crook has been developing and delivering accredited professional development courses for physics teachers across NSW.

Crook is an active user of social media, keen to share his expertise via Twitter (@simoncrook), Facebook (facebook.com/crookedscience/) and Instagram (Instagram.com/simon.crook/).

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