Matt Thompson, Assistant principal, Austral Public School

Matt Thompson, Assistant principal, Austral Public School

In his first year of teaching, Matt Thompson was awarded an early career teaching award by the NSW Department of Education. Since then he has become a leading educator in South Western Sydney.

As assistant principal, Thompson has led the creation of a school culture that is responsive to research and prepares students to be 21st century citizens.

Not only is he an exemplary teacher, but also an exemplary leader, one who supervises beginning, experienced and New Scheme teachers. By actively modelling and promoting a culture of respect, cooperation and collegiality, Thompson has developed cohesive teams, in which people take on a range of formal and informal leadership roles, and engage in substantive conversations about learning.

He has gained the respect of teachers across the state through his involvement with the Mathematical Association of NSW and his excellent teaching practices. He’s shared his knowledge of best practice by preparing and presenting outstanding teacher professional development sessions at state conferences and through Western Sydney University’s (WSU) Education Knowledge Network. His expertise is held in such high regard that he has also been employed to teach in pre-service teacher education within WSU’s Master of Teaching degree.

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