Paul Browning, Headmaster, St Paul’s School

Paul Browning, Headmaster, St Paul’s School

Dr Paul Browning is a leading voice in the national and international education sectors. He is a sought-after commentator in national media on issues including leadership, the direction of education, and how students will be best prepared to live in a vastly different world than that of today.

Under Browning’s leadership, St Paul’s School has become recognised as one of the most innovative schools in Australia. In recent years, more than 125 schools from around Australia and the world have visited its campus to learn more about its innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Browning has spearheaded a unique scenario planning exercise, which is possibly the first of its kind in a school context. He interviewed 32 thought leaders from across the globe that specialised in politics, education, economics, philosophy and theology, with each contributing towards creating a vision of future scenarios that students are likely to face in the year 2028.

Browning regularly speaks at education conferences. His work led him to be invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Sutton Trust to speak at a global summit of educational leaders in Washington DC. Those who attended the summit endorsed Browning’s work, rating it as a powerful and practical method to improve school culture and teacher performance.

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