Rebecca Brownhall, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

Rebecca Brownhall, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office

education officer for numeracy and curriculum

Rebecca Brownhall takes Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office to “the journey towards the unambiguously exemplary,” to ensure its projects remain future-focused, student-centred, and potential-reaching.

Under this leadership approach, improvement initiatives led by Brownhall provide a process for teachers to be designers of curriculum and learning in Mathematics; and enables system efficacy to share collective wisdom across its schools and grow its capacity in leading improvement and implementation of impactful and engaging learning practices.    

With Brownhall at the helm, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office recently has:

  • developed a curriculum design process encompassing solo taxonomy, hexagonal mapping, and interdisciplinary approaches to implementing the General Capabilities of Australian Curriculum;
  • explored the critical and creative thinking capability in Mathematics and established models for gathering evidence of learning, which utilise the intentional use of Thinking Routines in Mathematics and align to Solo Taxonomy; and
  • designed models for establishing a courage culture, partnership principles, and a learning ecosystem.