Granville, NSW

Delany College places an emphasis on 4 C’s: creativity, critical reflection, communication and collaboration. Its strategies also seek to ensure the student, rather than the content, is always at the centre of the learning,

Delany College utilises a case management system, involving groups of teachers from all disciplines meeting fortnightly to discuss students who are ‘stuck’ in their learning journey. The teachers use all data available to them and closely examine behavioural issues in their efforts to identify and address the learning block. The group effort means solutions are determined and breakthroughs made. This process is supported by a Super Data system, providing teachers with the ability to follow the progress of every student and use the information to design learning experiences targeted to student needs.

Project-based learning (PBL) has an integral role in students’ learning, and versatile learning spaces have been created in order to accommodate PBL activities.

It’s reported that the initiatives introduced at Delany College have resulted in significant improvements in NAPLAN results, particularly in the area of maths.


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