Beenleigh State High School, Beenleigh, QLD

Beenleigh State High School, Beenleigh, QLD

Beenleigh State High School has implemented a process of micro-credentialing, to prepare students, particularly socio-economically disadvantaged youth, for successful pathway transitions.

Micro-credentials and digital badging are run in an environment where roughly 70% of students exiting Year 12 elect to go directly into the workforce. Micro-credentials enable them to tailor their education to their chosen careers, focus on the necessary employability skills, and certify their levels of attainment to prospective employers.

Micro-credentials were gleaned from a synthesis of general capabilities, QCAA’s 21st century skills, the Employability Framework, and The Future of Education and Skills 2030, with four reporting criteria identified from the synthesis: initiative and creativity, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, and self-management.

A learning progression was developed – advancing from bronze to platinum – in acknowledgment that students graduate from the senior phase of learning at different levels. There is also a range of badges focusing on specific industry skills, including Hospitality Front of House, Barista, and Furnishing Skills. A co-badging is in place to allow local businesses and community organisations to validate the credentials.

The micro-credentials and badges sit on a digital platform, allowing for easy access by students and prospective employers. The platform also provides information on current employment opportunities. The program is compulsory, but students are encouraged to take up the offer to increase their experience and activity and also attain credentials that recognise these formerly unrewarded efforts.