Hymba Yumba Independent School, Springfield, QLD

Hymba Yumba Independent School, Springfield, QLD

Hymba Yumba Independent School is implementing project-based learning which considers the needs and development of students and empowers them to showcase their unique connection with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture.

In primary school, one project being run is Animal Allies, which teaches how Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples used their connections to the land, animals, and seasons to live and ensure sustainability for generations to come. Another project, Brand Masters, enables students to create an innovative entrepreneurship proposal using their people’s bush medicine and bush tucker.

In high school, students are learning new mathematical concepts using arts and hands-on learning. There is also an innovative dog training and handling program, which not only teaches students how to interact with and train dogs; but also develops their cross-curricular knowledge and important life skills, such as responsibility, respect for living things, empathy, and discipline.

Recently, HYIS students, in collaboration with local artists, designed and created a permanent installation of artwork – a contemporary depiction of the Rainbow Serpent. This community engagement activity allowed them to work and learn collaboratively as well as showcase the diversity of First Nation Peoples and their pride in the traditional arts and culture.

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